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Moving house with your dog

Are you concerned about moving house with your dog? This blog will teach you the best practice for moving house with a furry friend. Read on to learn more.

1. Start as you mean to go on

As a pet owner, you’ll probably already know that dogs can sense when something is happening. This means the preparation for moving house with a dog starts when you’re starting to pack up your belongings into boxes. Dogs like routine and change like this can make them unsettled and even stressed. Ensure you allocate plenty of time for cuddles with your dog to reassure them that everything will be okay!

2. Don’t forget to make arrangements

When moving day comes around, it’s a good idea to make arrangements for your dog to be out the way. Whether that's with family, a friend or a dog sitter, it’ll be better for your dog to be in a safe spot away from lots happening and people in and out of the house. It’s also peace of mind for yourself as you’ve got enough to think about on moving day.

3. Dog meet house, house meet dog

When you eventually bring your dog to the new home, give them lots of time to explore the new surroundings. They’ll need a good sniff around the garden and they’ll want to explore all the new rooms. Try to reassure them that the new environment is fun and it’s their home too!

4. Help them settle in

Use their favourite toys, blankets and beds to help your dog quickly feel at home. Encourage them to play with their favourite toys in the new house too! Have fun with your dog in the new place, play with them and then reward them with treats so they know it's a happy place to be. Why not find new areas to go on a walk? This will be exciting for your dog and you too.

5. Routine

Routine is so good for dogs! Once you’ve moved in, don’t hesitate to establish your dogs usual routine, especially in regards to meal times, exercising and sleeping.

Finally, the most important thing you should remember is to update your dog’s microchip details and buy them a new dog tag! If you have moved to a new area, it's a good idea to register with a local vet too.

We hope this blog has helped you plan your impending move with your dog! Visit our website today to read another one of our useful blogs.

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