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5 tips to help moving day go smoother

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do! However, a little planning and organisation can help the whole day go a bit smoother. Here are some of our top tips to ensure you're not tearing your hair out on the big day:

1. Labels

Here at HomeMoovers, we believe in labelling everything! Label all moving boxes with which room they're due to go to, and a description of what's inside. This will save so much time later on and you’ll thank yourself for being so organised. Place these labels on the lid and side of the box so you can easily see what's inside when they're stacked up.

2. Freezer bags

Freezer bags are super handy to have when moving house. One of our top tips is to put screws and bolts from bits of furniture in freezer bags! It’s also a good idea to stick the bag, with masking tape, to the relevant bit of furniture so you don’t get mixed up!

3. Makeshift flooring

Imagine this, you’ve just paid for brand new flooring in your new home and on moving day everyone is walking all over it! Why not flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them down to protect your flooring.

4. Furniture first

Another top tip is to move your furniture into the new house first. Otherwise, you'll just be moving boxes around again to make room.

5. Light Bulbs

You don’t want to be moving house in the dark. Especially if your moving day falls in winter because the days are shouter and light is limited! Lightbulbs are easy to forget! You want to avoid having to go to the shops mid-move.

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