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How to pack your collectibles when moving house

Collectibles come with unique challenges when moving house, and depending on the items and value, factors like heat and humidity can damage them, meaning you will have to consider special packaging to keep them in their premium condition. Assuming your collection has some monetary value, you’ll most likely benefit from having it appraised to ensure you have enough insurance to cover any damage or loss during the moving process.

You can hire a professional to pack your collection; we offer a ‘High-Value Items’ removal service, but if they are of sentimental value, you may want to move them yourself. This blog will discuss the things you need to consider when moving your collectibles and it also will give some examples of collections and how you will need to pack each one.

Before you start

Regardless of your collectibles, your first step in the process should be to make an inventory using Excel or an online template. By having a list of all the items in your collection, you will be less likely to lose track of individual items during the move and will be easier to stay organised when valuing the items, and also unpacking in your new home.

If your collection is substantial enough, you’ll want to have it appraised before you pack it up to ensure you have insurance that covers damages. After this, double-check your insurance covers the collection, as even if your collectibles are listed within your home insurance, the coverage may not cover a home move.

Moving supplies

You will need the basic supplies for packing your collectibles as you would for anything else fragile and of value; boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and a marker, but you may need some more specific ones depending on your collection.

Comic books

If you are moving a comic book collection, you will need to purchase acid-free bags and backing boards, as they don’t hold a structure and can be easily damaged too. These are sold online and in comic book stores too, and the acid-free bags come with the backing board in four different sizes. Be sure to buy the correct size for your collectibles. You will also need to buy comic storage boxes for added protection.

Vinyl records

No matter if it’s a collection of new or vintage records, you’ll want to be sure they arrive in the best condition possible. You should order acid-free inner sleeves and protective outer sleeves for your whole collection, and order vinyl record storage boxes or small moving boxes to transport them. Annoyingly, the best way to transport your vinyl is to remove them from their cardboard jacket as they can slide around and damage inside them, and put the vinyl in the new inner sleeves ordered and the jacket into the clear outer sleeve. Then organise in record storage boxes lined with bubble wrap, alternating between the cardboard sleeve and corresponding record.


Wine or alcohol can be one of the most difficult collections to move, as not only it is in the form of glass, but different temperatures, vibrations, and light can all ruin it. If you’re moving abroad, some countries will have different regulations on how many bottles you can transport over their borders too, so be sure to check the alcohol commission beforehand to find out what you can bring with you.

Assuming you can transport your wine with you, you’ll want to order wine shipping boxes with Styrofoam inserts. These can fit 12 bottles in one box and it allows you to lay your wine on its side in the box to keep the cork wet. Bear in mind that a box filled with 12 bottles of wine will weigh about 20kg, so take extra care when you’re moving and loading them.

Get in touch with us at HomeMoovers if you need advice, help, or a quote for a move. We can help you transport your collectible, but if you’re doing it yourself, be sure to label all collectible boxes with ‘fragile’ and a note of the contents, which could be numbered to your inventory.

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