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How to make moving house fun

As rewarding and exhilarating moving house can be, as it’s most likely that fresh start to the next chapter in your life that you’ve been waiting for, it can also be one of the most stressful times too. No one actually enjoys the moving part of the process; there’s too much that can go wrong, or be forgotten, and it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed during the process. But trying to enjoy the move only makes the whole process so much more positive and exciting.

This blog will give you tips on how to make your moving process enjoyable.

Get motivated and organised

To eliminate any additional stress around the process, the key thing you need to do is get yourself motivated to be organised. If you enjoy being organised, then this should come naturally to you. Getting yourself and your packing organised will only make the unpacking process easier for you too. If this isn’t one of your strong skills, we recommend you make lists of everything you need to pack up, and label boxes suitably corresponding to your list so you know where everything is when you get to your new home.

Start your day right

Starting your day with a positive attitude and mindset will only make the whole day of stress so much more bearable. Make sure you have your favourite uplifting music on, whether that be your favourite or your family’s to get everyone in the same excited mood, and take time in the morning to prepare a nice breakfast to start your day right.

Get the kids involved

If you’re moving with children, this may be one of the main causes of your stress during the process, as they’re one more thing to think about, but they’re also an extra set of helping hands. They will be incredibly excited themselves and will be enthusiastic to help the adults and have responsibility. Why not create competitions of who can pack up their toys the quickest or neatest? This will also most likely tire them out to sleep in the car or want to nap as soon as they get to your new family home, which will also mean they’re out of the way when you’re needing to unload and unpack.

Make a memorable first night

Your new home will most likely feel like it’s been flipped upside down and turned on its head; there will be boxes everywhere! But make the most of the messy situation, get the mattresses out and create a camp out with the kids all in one room. They’ll remember the first night in their new home forever. We also recommend having a memorable first meal, whether you are organised enough to cook something, or even if you just order a takeaway, or create a floor picnic for your camp out; these are the types of events that create a lasting impression on your family and also a start to new traditions.

Hiring unpackers

After the excitement of the first night wears off, the productivity and motivation need to kick back in to help unpack and reorganise your family in your new home. By hiring unpackers, a service that we offer at HomeMoovers, you gain extra helping hands to move into your new home quicker, and it will give you that chance to watch over the children more in the process if professionals are helping in other areas of your house.

If you would like to find out more about our packing and unpacking services, then please visit our ‘Services’ page on our website to learn more.

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