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Tips for organising your family home

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The ability to keep your family home organised can be quite a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of hacks to keep your house sparkling and in perfect order.

Create a command centre

Ultimately, the key to having an organised home is to streamline your process. One of the best ways to keep a streamlined cleaning process is to create a command centre. This can be as simple as a corkboard in the kitchen where everyone can easily find their tasks and leave notes. You should keep everything in one place so there is no need for you and your family to go back and forth to get their task done.

Practice nightly cleanups

An extra helpful task is to always do a nightly cleanup. So, before you go to bed, check every room in your home for any last-minute tidying. Even if you’re simply placing the remote for the TV in its usual place or plumping the cushions. To ensure extra tidiness, you could ask your family to do the same too. If you’re putting the children to bed, ask your partner to check that the doors and gates are all locked to save you time. This process should then allow you to have minimal cleaning up to do first thing in the morning and you’re able to start your week afresh.

Get creative with your storage solutions

Having a large family house means that you can usually get quite creative with your storage. This will then ensure that you’re keeping your belongings out of sight and thus have a lovely tidy home. As an example, any items you wish to keep but aren’t necessarily needed every day, can be kept in the garage, fully out of sight. You could also plan to do a monthly clear out of your garage to then make room for any new items you no longer need for a while and to dispose of unwanted items rather than letting them clutter your space.

Get everyone involved

No matter the size of your home, organisation is always best when you get the whole family involved. This then instils responsibility into other family members, especially the children. Additionally, you should set a cleaning schedule and choose a different family member to do each cleaning task.

Keeping a large family home organised can be a struggle, especially when moving home. If you’re moving home and need a super organised move, contact Home Moovers today.

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