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The best way to pack your book collection

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

If you’re an avid reader, you’re no doubt very proud of your book collection. However, when it comes to moving house with a huge collection, it can be tricky to know where to start. You may think packing books is as easy as getting the biggest box you can find and filling it to the top with all your books. Sadly, packing books requires a little more thought than this. It’s wise to craft a process of moving your books so that you can move them both efficiently and safely. So, we’ve created a list of tips to help your books make it from a to b with ease.

Trim down your collection

Have you looked at your book collection recently and realised that you have two copies of the same book? Now is the time to get rid of those books you’ve been clinging onto since university and slim down your collection so that you’re not taking unnecessary items. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any books you no longer need or use.

Luckily, donating books to charity has never been easier, whether you donate to a charity shop or the local library, you’re bound to find somewhere to take your books. Keep in mind though that if you don’t think a book is good enough to be donated, you must put it in the recycling bin instead of normal household waste.

Use the correct boxes

A vital tip to remember when moving your books is to distribute their weight evenly. This is best done by using small or medium-sized boxes, instead of one large box. Books can easily overtake the weight limits on large and extra-large boxes. So, be careful not to overload your boxes as this could result in serious injury for you or others. You can also try this moving box calculator which tells you how many boxes you’ll need for your move overall.

Avoid using damaged boxes

Faulty cardboard can indeed buckle under heavyweight, so if you’re using a ripped or damp cardboard box, it is simply not safe to pack your book collection. You should only use full intact boxes or even plastic bins as these are a much more durable option for packing such heavy items.

Suitcases aren’t just for flying

When moving house, you also need to move your suitcases with you, so why not put them to good use whilst doing so. A rolling suitcase is perfect to pack your books in as it eliminates any heavy lifting - as long as you’re able to roll the case onto the removal van of course. On the other hand, you should still be careful whilst your suitcase full of books is in transit as it can easily fall over and damage other items. Thus, you should try to box it in with other heavy items so that it stays put whilst in transit.

Organise, organise, organise.

To make it much easier to unpack your books, later on, you should try to pack your books in order so that they’re easily unpacked and stored away in your new home. Maybe you like to organise your books by genre, author, colour or book type, either way, you should group them together when packing so that you save yourself a lot of time once you start settling into your new home.

Pack hardcovers and paperbacks correctly

Packing your book collection may seem like one big game of Tetris as you will probably spend a while trying to get them all to fit neatly together. One helpful tip for making this much easier is to pack your hardcovers upright with their spines against the side of the box and your paperbacks in stacks. This then helps to not only distribute the weight of your books evenly but it will also help to protect the pages from getting bent or damaged in any way. You may find that this tip interferes with packing your books in order, but try to collaborate the two as best you can for optimal book packing.

No empty space

Unlike Tetris, there is a high possibility that you will have gaps between your books. To prevent everything from moving around during transit, you can use packing paper screwed into a ball to fill any spaces you may have. Additionally, you could try to use socks or dish towels that also need to be packed for your home move.

Label everything

Labelling everything may seem like a tedious task but you’ll really thank yourself for doing so in the long run. Not only does labelling help make it easier to know where to put the boxes in your new home, but it also helps let your movers know if the box is going to be heavy or needs extra care taken when lifting it.

Packing books can be quite the process, but following these tips can really help to ensure your books make it from a to b with ease. Additionally, check out our website to see if we can help make your move a much easier and stress-free process.

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