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Packing fragile furniture.

When it comes to moving house, fragile furniture can add extra stress to an already difficult process. Unless you didn’t grow out of the inflatable furniture phase of the

last 90s, you’ll most likely have some pieces that could use some extra attention when you get them ready for moving. If you have delicate furniture to move, follow our tips below to ensure they’re handled correctly.

Dressing tables with mirrors

A classic dressing table can be passed down from generation to generation, so it is understandable that they need to arrive in their new home scuff-free. If your vanity is made from solid wood, it should be wrapped appropriately and it would then no

longer be considered fragile. However, the mirrored part of your dresser is another story. When the mirror is still attached to the vanity base, it’s a lot less sturdy than it would be on its own as it can easily get cracked or broken. If possible, we recommend separating the mirror from the vanity so that it can be safely wrapped away from the rest of the dresser.

To wrap the mirror correctly, you should first put tape across the mirror in a criss-cross pattern to keep it secure and hold any pieces that may break off during transit. You should then wrap the mirror in packing paper or newspaper and then again in bubble wrap Just wrapping it in bubble wrap can cause it to cling to the mirror's surface and cause tension that could lead to cracking.

Small appliances

Let’s be honest, you’ll never crave a smoothie more than when you find out your smoothie maker has cracked during transit when moving home. The plastic coating on appliances like these is susceptible to breaking if you’ve failed to wrap it properly for storage. For any of your small appliances, you should start by coiling the cord correctly and then wrap it in a couple of layers of bubble wrap or even a sweatshirt to give it extra cushioning before it’s packed away for moving.

It may be useful to use the original box it came in if you still have it or if you’ve found a box similar that will hold it. Additionally, you can try adding old socks or washcloths to the box you choose to move it in to eliminate any shifting during transit.

Glass Top Tables

A glass-top table is pretty much the be-all-end-all of fragile items so it is important to know how to move it to your new home safely. Not only is it delicate but it is dauntingly cumbersome. If not wrapped properly, it is guaranteed to arrive in your new home with some kind of damage.

Although it takes a lot of steps to move-proof your glass table, we promise it is worth it. First of all, it is wise to remove the glass top from the base. Then you should wrap the base as you would any other wooden furniture. Then, once you’ve removed the glass top, you should completely wrap it in packing paper and then secure it with tape. Although you should make sure the tape doesn’t come in direct contact with the glass of you’ll give yourself more work to get rid of when it arrives in your new home.

Similar to the dressing table advice, wrap the paper-covered glass with more bubble wrap to ensure it is definitely travel proof. Next, place the glass inside a large box and fill any gaps with spare socks and remember to label the box as fragile so that anyone who encounters it knows to be extra careful.

If you’ve got fragile items to move and need some help, get a free online quote from us today.

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